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Let's Close the Gap!

This project is critical to our continued momentum to build the Heartland Trail from Orrville to Clinton.


CLOSE THE GAP! Connect Orrville to Marshallville

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County is currently focused on connecting Orrville to Marshallville. We are anxious to begin acquisition, engineering and building the1.6 mile connector from Allen Drive, around the Orrville Industrial Park, and on to Forrer Road. The estimated cost of $1,000,000 means a $120 donation will pay for one foot.

Let's keep the momentum going! We completed the first mile in Orrville in 2016. The 2.4 miles from Forrer Road to Marshallville was dedicated in September 2019.. Another 1/3 mile section inside of Orrville from Main Street to Allen Drive is now completed.

Funds we received from donors like you have allowed us to thus far leverage $1.9 million in government and foundation grants to purchase and develop 4 miles of beautiful paved trail for walking, biking and horseback riding. When that is completed, we will begin putting all of our efforts into heading north out of Marshallville to connect with Clinton, directly linking Wayne County to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath! Our timing is perfect and our location is excellent!

We are proud to say that The Heartland Trail is receiving state and national attention among trail system initiatives. The Ohio-to-Erie Trail, which stretches across the state connecting many trails from the Ohio River in Cincinnati to Lake Erie in Cleveland, has gained international attention.The Heartland Trail is a critical missing link. The recently announced planned route of the Great American Rail Trail, from the Atlantic coast in Washington DC to the Pacific coast in the state of Washington, includes The Heartland Trail.

in 2020, Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County will celebrated its 25th Aniversary. We look forward to continuing to maintain and improve the County Line Trail, the Sippo Valley Trail and the Heartland Trail as we look forward to the future.